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 Necklace Sets

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Necklace Sets

The swarovski crystal vitrial necklace and bracelet set is covered with Czech high fire polish, aurora borealis, 5mm and 8mm beads. Vitrial is synonymous with "stained glass" and these beads and crystals have a kaleidoscope of colors in purples, blues, silvers and yellows that the photographs just don't capture. In the center of each swarovski crystal oval pendant, hangs a smaller round faceted swarovski crystal attached by sterling silver. There are also six 4mm vitrial swarovski crystals & six sterling silver faceted beads in the set. All of the crimps, crimp covers, trigger clasps and fancy twisted jump rings (all findings) are sterling silver. The necklace is approx. 19" long while the bracelet is approx. 7.75" and is strung on 19 strand, nylon coated, cable wire. If you would like to wear the beaded set without the oval crystals, they are removable.

The Swarovski Crystal Vitrial Necklace and Bracelet Set SOLD

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The Flower Necklace is full of deep rich colors of Czech aurora borealis glass and Czech glass beads (6mm). It has 12 sterling silver spacer beads that alternate between the sets of beads, separated and decorated by deep burgundy and royal blue glass hibiscus flower beads from the Czech republic. This 21" necklace is strung securely on nylon coated cable wire and is finished with a fancy toggle clasp. The daisy spacers,crimps, and crimp covers are sterling silver. The necklace is 21" long.  (one available)

The Flower Necklace $30.00

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When we say our jewelry is double wrapped under the crimp covers, that means that the wire runs through the beads, through a silver cylinder/crimp tube, up and through the cylinder again, and then the tube/cylinder
is "crimped" down with special pliers. This assures  that the cable wire will not slide out and come undone. Then the crimp tube is covered with a "crimp cover". The nylon coated cable wire has 26 lb. test weight. the weight it would take to break it. Like its name suggests, this jewelry wire contains 19 miniature strands of stainless steel. It is nylon coated for increased kink resistance, longevity, and abrasion resistance  Findings are jewelery clasps, crimps, covers, and jump ring and jewelery finishing pieces.

Sterling Silver Pendants, Charms and Necklaces



The Patriot Key Chain & Pendant Set- The Patriot set is made with Millefiori hearts and stars fused between clear and blue dichroic glass. The bail on the key chain is .925 sterling silver so it's color will not wear.
(one set available)

The Patriot Key Chain & Pendant Set $10.00

The HOWLoween necklace and bracelet made with 10 mm genuine Chinese Black Stone Onyx, adorable 9 by 11mm three dimensional handmade ceramic pumpkin beads and 4mm black diamond genuine swarovski crystals. The necklace is approx. 19 inches long, has a fancy toggle clasp and strung securely on nylon coated tiger wire.The bracelet is approx. 8 inches with silver plated crimp covers. The
Halloween dog collar is 14.5 inches long. Made of sturdy, weighty stone and cute, cute, cute! (one original set available)

HOWLoween Ceramic Pumpkin, Onyx Necklace & Bracelet Set $30.00

The two matching Halloween dog collars can be found on the "Fancy dog collars page."

Resin Cameo Pendants- A great gift for young ladies

Cameo Pendants- Three acrylic cameos are set in a light metal pendant frame. They come with a jump ring and hang light brown leather cord. the black cameo comes with a black leather cord. A great gift for young ladies. $3.00 (one of each available)

Lady Cameo Necklace $3.00

Roses Cameo Necklace $3.00

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